Belize - Crooked Tree & the Cockscomb Basin
Best Season: November to June
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,900 to USD3,950
Panama - Canal Zone Birds & Wildlife
Best Season: Good year-round
Tour Type: Birds & More and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,275 to USD4,200

Quick getaways to rich birding areas for the busy traveler. Each of these trips are 7 days or less and offer superb birding at top destinations.

What our clients say about our tours

  • Heinz Ortmann was charming and funny, outstanding on the birds and other animals, and excellent in dealing with the logistics. I would be very happy to travel with Heinz again.

    RL, Kenya & Tanzania
  • Gareth studiously worked to meet each participant’s individual needs without sacrificing the overall experience of the group. His audio sense and grasp of song probably even exceeded his other birding skills (which were quite formidable in the own right). His sense of humour and engagement with people was excellent.

    DH, South Africa Comp V 2015
  • Enjoyed Clayton very much. He has great potential as a leader.

    BT, Sri Lanka 2013
  • The lynchpin for our entire experience was the guide – and Greg de Klerk was simply brilliant. He was extremely skilled in knowing where the birds might be, and finding them once we got there. He carefully made sure that we all saw the bird. He was very knowledgeable about bird and mammal behaviour, and shared a lot of information with the tour members. He smoothly handled logistics, is a good driver, and patient with non-nationals who are unfamiliar with South African customs. He has a wonderful sense of humour; and a very warm and outgoing personality, which stimulated good relations between tour members. We would be very excited to go on another Rockjumper trip with him!

    WB & BB, South Africa
  • The tour was great. I got along well with the other participants and I greatly appreciated Greg de Klerk. I quickly realised he knew what he was doing and could relax. He was careful to make sure we all got to see all the birds. I will definitely use Rockjumper again… Can’t go wrong!

    DL, South Africa
  • The [Eastern South Africa] trip has become even more exciting and memorable in retrospect, and we can’t thank you enough. It was planned particularly well, giving us a great idea of the varied terrain and landscape across eastern South Africa, and it would be hard to choose the best of the places we stayed in – they were all so good and yet so varied. The birds were tremendous, and the animals scarcely behind; I don’t think we shall ever forget the elephants in the mudbath. Nor shall we forget the Sani Pass and the rockjumpers, not to mention the hail! It really was a magnificent trip, and we enjoyed it enormously.

    EE & RE, South Africa
  • Forrest was an absolute joy to bird with. I’ve been to 25 countries birding and this was one of, if not the best, birding tour I have ever had the pleasure of being on.

    MA, Cuba
  • Greg de Klerk was one of the best guides I have – EVER. Excellent with bird ID, calls and habitat. And probably just as important in a group setting, VERY good with people, fun, friendly and left no one out. I have heard good things about Rockjumper Tours for years and now I see why. Keep up the good work.

    JS, Best of South Africa: Cape & Kruger I 2016
  • Clayton was friendly, informative and fun…. Very athletic and cheerful. Find him to be a wonderful guide.

    PWN, India 2013
  • Greg is an excellent birder and worked hard to find as many species as possible, and also to make sure that everyone saw them. He was very genial company and took great care of everyone.

    RA & MA, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia
  • Morocco was a fun and thoroughly enjoyable tour. How could it not be with David Hoddinott and Mark Beevers as leaders!!! They just make me want to go on more Rockjumper tours to see as many birds as I can. You have no idea how appreciative I am of them. They are great and generous and fun and so focused. I love that. They have an intensity that makes birding fun.

    MN, Morocco
  • André, who escorted us on four drives, is a superb tracker with great knowledge of the reserve and its denizens. He is also an expert on the birdlife of southern Africa and was able to bring the bush to life for us with knowledge of all that we saw.

  • In the field, Keith and the local “Zen Birding Master’’ Uthai were an unbeatable combination. Their knowledge, persistence and patience were greatly appreciated. They tried to make sure everyone got the birds and were willing to go to great lengths to do so. Both had a great sense of humour and were a pleasure to travel with.

    PN & PN, Thailand
  • Sonya and I really appreciate all of your hard work….that truly was one of our trips of a lifetime.  And that is saying something since that bar is constantly getting raised by all of our travel.  Rockjumper can definitely count us in as repeat guests and I would count it as good fortune if you were our guide again.

    RC, NBZ IV 2014
  • Simply stated, David Erterius is an exceptional individual: patient, kind, diligent, and hard-working almost to a fault. He was ever-conscious of his clients’ welfare, with remarkable birding skills which he relentlessly employed to ensure that all members of the group regularly saw, identified and enjoyed each species, including mammals and reptiles.

    CH & BH, Ethiopia 2017
  • Our questions were always answered with clarity and accuracy. There were no surprises as a result… This trip was a wonderful and unique experience for me. I actually felt renewed and revitalized when it was over. Thanks to everyone for an experience of a lifetime!

  • Jeremy’s botanical skills were excellent.

    MA, South Africa
  • The trip sounded good in the write-up but far exceeded our expectations.  The pelagic trips were outstanding.  The number of participants was perfect.  Erik knew the birds and their calls/sounds and was very effective in getting everyone to see the birds.  He called many pelagic IDs well before other people had even spotted the birds.  Erik’s skills in managing the participants showed and his sense of humour added to his effectiveness.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

    DM & SM, New Zealand
  • The tour was great. It exceeded our expectations. We got more than our money’s worth. Part of that was Dusan making everyone feel welcome. He was a great guide and worked really hard at locating Cuban Endemics for us. We also saw, surprisingly, many other North American Warblers. He was very friendly and didn’t mind being asked over and over, “which bird is that,” even though he had named the bird many times before. Talk about patience!

    RK, Cuba