Colombia - Explore Perija
Best Season: December to March (dry season)
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Frontier Birding
Can be linked with: Colombia - Megadiverse Santa Martas
Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,900 to USD4,100

For those seeking adventure in parts seldom visited and little-known, look here and learn more. Your trip could result in real discovery.

What our clients say about our tours

  • Forrest Rowland was a wonderful guide. He is extremely knowledgeable about birds and always takes the time to consider the wants, needs and priorities of the group. He works with his group to form a common goal. He was extremely professional and he had a remarkably positive attitude. His enthusiasm was infectious and admirable, as was his perseverance in finding us any species that we wanted and which was possible to see. Forrest is personable, humorous, and extremely generous and kind-hearted. I am so grateful to have met him.

    AG, Alaska
  • Expert guiding by Keith and Glen Valentine, aided by fabulous local talent, ensured we saw the maximum number of endemics and other birds and mammals. Perhaps more importantly, these two brothers enjoyed their time together and provided a warm, friendly and caring environment in which we all had a good time with lots of laughs, and looked out for each other to ensure everyone got on the birds and did not falter on a tough hike or challenging car ride.

    JA, Remote West Papua 2017
  • Forrest is truly a pleasure. His bird-finding skills, both by sight and ear, are phenomenal, but even more striking is his singular personality and people skills. Always enthusiastic. Not only would I travel with Forrest again, I preferentially would select a tour if he was guiding.

    AF, Panama
  • Glen, as usual, was the best. This is our third trip with him and would not hesitate to do many more.

    DB & PB, Japan
  • Rob Williams is right up there among the very best tour leaders. His vast experience from lots of research and conservation projects and intimate knowledge of the country add lots of value compared to a tour leader who is “just” a good organiser, birder and guide. He is also great company, with a sublime sense of humour.

    UA, Peru
  • Forrest Rowland is an all-around excellent birding guide. He handled our group of all abilities very well, and as first-time birders on a trip with Rockjumper, we were put at ease immediately by his easy going manner, friendliness and ability to assist us in seeing the birds of Cuba. It was an incredible experience all around to see both cities and rural areas, as well as take the time to learn about the culture as well as the natural history of this island in addition to the birds. Wow! Great adventure!

    EM & JM, Cuba
  • David was an excellent leader with exceptional birding skills. He was very attentive and helpful in handling both the birding and the logistics. In addition to his birding and guiding skills, David is also very personable and easy to talk to. I would definitely go on another trip with him as a guide.

    BB, Birds & Tigers I
  • I cannot possibly say enough good things about Chris Sharpe; he did a spectacular job on this tour! His knowledge of the birds of the region is comprehensive, and he was very good about letting us know about their natural history in addition to field marks and ID. He was very enthusiastic and handled everything with unflagging good humor. Chris made sure we knew what to expect on each excursion and worked really hard to ensure that we all had the best possible chances to see those skulky and exciting forest birds. He would give us good guidance such as, “Strange as it may seem, right now you really want to be watching this piculet rather than that macaw,” and seemed remarkably good at keeping in mind who had seen what as we went along. He worked well with a group with varying levels of expertise, and was very patient with those of us struggling to get to grips with an outstanding number of new species. I don’t want to leave out our local guide on this tour … [who] was a great asset, very knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic, and helpful.

    KH, Guyana II 2014
  • Dusan was excellent, I plan to travel with him again in Ecuador.

    KL, Dominican Republic
  • I can say it was a great tour. Forrest and Richard were fantastic leaders. I would bird with them anywhere.

    SP, Cost Rica 2015
  • This was a fantastic trip. David did an excellent job as our guide. He was thoughtful, attentive, hard-working and an expert in the field. There wasn’t much that we didn’t find. We very much enjoyed his company and hope he leads us again in the future.

    CL & RL, Bhutan and Assam
  • Erik Forsyth is one of the best guides. Extraordinary knowledge of birds as well as New Zealand itself. Personable and cheerful with a wonderful sense of humour. He is attentive birders’ needs and made every effort to meet and exceed any special needs. He knew where to try and find the endemics, and the only one we didn’t see or hear was because of inclement weather. We would definitely travel with Erik again should that opportunity present itself.

    JM & MW, New Zealand 2017
  • We had a wonderful tour in Spain. It was so nice that our guide, Rob, could speak Spanish. We saw many more species and lifers than we expected to. We would love to do another trip with him.

    JB & CM, Spain
  • Glen was great! His steady, unflappable leadership was the best and he got us on some terrific birds, never stopped trying, always looking. At the same time, he handled logistics very well and always with good humour. His enthusiasm for all things in nature and thoughtful attentiveness to the group made this a special trip.

    RB, Gabon
  • David Hoddinott is the best!! He is tenacious about getting all participants on all birds!

    D, Madagascar Comprehensive
  • Wayne Jones is one of the most incredible bird and wildlife guides I have ever encountered.  Always helpful and professional.

    AM, Budget Eastern South Africa
  • Where do I begin? Our [private] Tanzanian safari had unbelievable sightings daily – from four lion cubs coming to within 10 feet of our vehicle, to a leopard stalking, catching and climbing a tree with his prey, to witnessing the wildebeest migration. The animal interaction exceeded anything I could have imagined. To our guide Markus – thank you for willingly sharing your knowledge, whether it be about birds, animals or photography. I look forward to traveling with you again.

    MAH, Tanzania
  • Forrest Rowland was the consummate birding tour guide. He was very personable and friendly and a top-notch birder with excellent skills for getting us on the birds. He kept us informed about all logistical details. We will seek him out for another Rockjumper tour.

    CR & SR, Cuba
  • For a first time – for any time – Clayton was terrific…

    FG & WG, Guatemala