Colombia - Explore Perija
Best Season: December to March (dry season)
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Frontier Birding
Can be linked with: Colombia - Megadiverse Santa Martas
Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,900 to USD4,100

For those seeking adventure in parts seldom visited and little-known, look here and learn more. Your trip could result in real discovery.

What our clients say about our tours

  • Markus is brilliant, very friendly and outgoing, and hugely determined to get you to see all the birds … He is truly genuine, a remarkable young man.

    FM, Thailand
  • Morocco was a fun and thoroughly enjoyable tour. How could it not be with David Hoddinott and Mark Beevers as leaders!!! They just make me want to go on more Rockjumper tours to see as many birds as I can. You have no idea how appreciative I am of them. They are great and generous and fun and so focused. I love that. They have an intensity that makes birding fun.

    MN, Morocco
  • Wayne Jones is without a doubt one of the best guides I’ve ever been with.  His ability to identify birds “on the wing” is unequaled.

    LF, NBZ III 2015
  • We were very happy to have Heinz Ortmann as our guide. He operated the tour very skilfully in every way and with flexibility when needed to try to get all possible targets. We were also very positively surprised that he had such a great knowledge about mammals, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians beside the birds. Since we also are very interested in all these groups this was a most welcome bonus. A great tour that we will remember for a long time. We would be very happy doing another private trip with Heinz as our guide.

    JM, South Africa 2016 (Private)
  • Greg is an excellent guide with great people skills. We appreciated him very much.

    MM & EM, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia
  • Heinz Ortmann was charming and funny, outstanding on the birds and other animals, and excellent in dealing with the logistics. I would be very happy to travel with Heinz again.

    RL, Kenya & Tanzania
  • Gareth Robbins made special efforts to ensure everyone saw the wildlife. An amazing tour.

    JC, Madagascar
  • I just wanted to pass on our thanks for a well organised trip. We had a ball in Cuba! Not only were the birds fantastic but the cigars, rum and country were mind-blowing. Our first RJ trip but I am sure that it won’t be our last. Well done to the team for arranging a hassle-free trip in a country where it can be difficult to organise things.

    T, Cuba
  • I can say it was a great tour. Forrest and Richard were fantastic leaders. I would bird with them anywhere.

    SP, Cost Rica 2015
  • This tour (Morocco) more than met my expectations, which I must admit were rather lukewarm. I knew there were not a lot of new birds for me but I signed up for the tour because Mark kept telling me how wonderful Morocco was. Well Mark, you were certainly right. The birds were fantastic, the scenery spectacular, the food way too good, and the geology unbelievable. I’m actually taking an online geology course because of this tour. This tour is truly a special one and I will spread the word to all my birding contacts. Thanks again for such a special experience.

    SP, Morocco
  • Forrest was an absolute joy to bird with. I’ve been to 25 countries birding and this was one of, if not the best, birding tour I have ever had the pleasure of being on.

    MA, Cuba
  • Tour was FANTASTIC and Wayne was a big reason for our enjoyment.

    MM, Eastern South Africa II 2015
  • Greg de Klerk was one of the best guides I have – EVER. Excellent with bird ID, calls and habitat. And probably just as important in a group setting, VERY good with people, fun, friendly and left no one out. I have heard good things about Rockjumper Tours for years and now I see why. Keep up the good work.

    JS, Best of South Africa: Cape & Kruger I 2016
  • Our Rockjumper birding  journey through Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda was an amazing experience, made even more fantastic by our young South African guide. Rainer Summer’s sensors are so fine tuned he can seek out and identify every single bird in the forest, desert and wetlands, by sight or sound. It seemed that he had permanent binos on his eyes and ears like satellite dishes! He shares his expertise and knowledge in a professional manner making sure that everyone saw each bird, providing information for all birders serious or beginners…. Our sincere thanks go to Rainer.

    AS & HS, Tanzania & Kenya
  • The trip sounded good in the write-up but far exceeded our expectations.  The pelagic trips were outstanding.  The number of participants was perfect.  Erik knew the birds and their calls/sounds and was very effective in getting everyone to see the birds.  He called many pelagic IDs well before other people had even spotted the birds.  Erik’s skills in managing the participants showed and his sense of humour added to his effectiveness.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

    DM & SM, New Zealand
  • We had a great time with Forrest Rowland in Colombia. A wonderful country. Forrest is a fantastic birder and a great guide.

    MK, Colombia 2017
  • Glen Valentine is an asset to any birding group with his excellent knowledge of birds and his friendly outgoing personality. He is helpful to both experienced and inexperienced birders alike. I would not hesitate to join another birding tour where he was leader or co-leader as I know from experience that it would be a thoroughly enjoyable and informative tour.

    RD, Ehtiopia
  • I highly recommend Forrest Rowland as a remarkably talented birding guide with exceptional birding skills, knowledge and helpfulness to get everyone on the bird.

    RF, Cuba
  • Glen and Dennis did a fantastic job on this tour. Birding in the lowland rainforest looking for Pittas was certainly a challenge! Glen was informative, patient and persistent, and did his best in making sure that the entire group saw these fascinating birds. The itinerary was comprehensive, the accommodations were great and the food was excellent. Overall, a wonderful trip.

    SP, Malaysia & Borneo