Colombia - Bogotá Birding, Culture & Cuisine
Best Season: Any season
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,200 to USD3,800
Ecuador - Amazon Adventure on the Napo
Best Season:
Conservation Group: Napo Wildlife Center
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,600
Panama - Canal Zone Birds & Wildlife
Best Season: Good year-round
Tour Type: Birds & More and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,275 to USD4,200

Some destinations are not only great for birding but also incredible for animals or for exploring unique cultural elements. Are you traveling with others who enjoy a mix of birding along with other aspects of travel? These trips are right up your alley.

What our clients say about our tours

  • Thailand was truly a wonderful trip! Markus is unbelievable in getting everyone on the bird! His recognizing and scoping of the birds is superb. Beyond this he is [also] a very kind man with a great personality who keeps things on an even keel, making sure there is lots of laughter. Because of this the group “gelled” very quickly . I plan to do more Rockjumper tours because of the information and encouragement he gave me and I hope he is the leader of at least some of the tours.

    PSR, Thailand
  • This tour more than met all our expectations: in terms of sightings, accommodations, leadership, and magnificence of the country. Of course, we knew David Hoddinott, and knew he would be superb. We’d highly recommend Rockjumper’s Uganda tour, we loved it and appreciate David’s expertise and leadership.

    PM & SM, Uganda
  • Erik Forsyth is one of the best guides. Extraordinary knowledge of birds as well as New Zealand itself. Personable and cheerful with a wonderful sense of humour. He is attentive birders’ needs and made every effort to meet and exceed any special needs. He knew where to try and find the endemics, and the only one we didn’t see or hear was because of inclement weather. We would definitely travel with Erik again should that opportunity present itself.

    JM & MW, New Zealand 2017
  • Loved Clayton, his bird skills and all-over knowledge of everything.

    Sri Lanka 2013
  • Both David and Rajveer were excellent guides. In fact, it seemed at times as though they were able to summon animals.

    RR, Northern India
  • Wayne Jones is one of the most incredible bird and wildlife guides I have ever encountered.  Always helpful and professional.

    AM, Budget Eastern South Africa
  • Jeremy was fabulous – great general natural history knowledge and laid-back attitude.

    EG, South Africa
  • Markus gets A+++ marks from me.  Not only is he an excellent birder, but he is also a wonderful traveling companion.  Our conversations were varied and interesting.  He not only knows a lot about nature; he also participated in talks about a wide variety of subjects. We learned a lot about South Africa.  His sense of humor is wonderful.  His enthusiasm kept us all on a anticipatory high.  His leading a tour will be a big plus for me when I am deciding on another trip.

    SC, SA Mega & Kruger
  • Glen’s pacing of the tour was particularly good – relaxed whenever possible and upping the pace when necessary. His responsiveness and attention to client requests was admirable, as was his general demeanor throughout. Nice to spend such a long trip with someone so enthusiastic and sociable.

    AC, South Africa Mega
  • This was my third tour with Rainer and I was again impressed with his enthusiasm for birding. I know that sometimes when a leader does two back to back tours, they can be somewhat less enthusiastic than on the first tour. This was not the case with Rainer (or Glen either). Rainer was excited to show us each of the new birds and made certain that everyone got an excellent view. I had a special circumstance as I was recovering from a broken foot. Rainer made sure I was able to do everything on the tour without compromising the experience for the other participants. Without his help I would not have had such a superb experience. He is a very special young man.

  • In the field, Keith and the local “Zen Birding Master’’ Uthai were an unbeatable combination. Their knowledge, persistence and patience were greatly appreciated. They tried to make sure everyone got the birds and were willing to go to great lengths to do so. Both had a great sense of humour and were a pleasure to travel with.

    PN & PN, Thailand
  • Greg is an excellent guide with great people skills. We appreciated him very much.

    MM & EM, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia
  • Having known Chris for many years, we knew this was going to be a great tour. And it was. Chris is personable with a delightful sense of humor. One always feels comfortable around him. He takes excellent care of his birders (clients) by ensuring them what the daily plan is, where we are going and why.  His birding skills are beyond excellent. He makes sure everyone sees the bird, if possible, explaining what we’re looking for and where. His ability to provide directions is a skill that goes a long way to making the bird spotting pleasurable and possible.  Chris’s keen hearing ensures that birds that aren’t being seen have the potential to be called into view. Rockjumper is fortunate to employ Chris, an extraordinary individual. We look forward to traveling with Chris in the future.

    JM & MW, Honduras 2015
  • Rob Williams is the best guide I have ever birded with – wonderful birding and people skills.

    PM, Peru
  • Marius Coetzee is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced safari (field) guides I have met on my more than 30 trips to Africa. His knowledge of the bush and ability to work with his tracker to find animals is unique and appreciated. As an accomplished photographer, Marius knows how to position his vehicle to get the best photograph and has the patience to make sure that his guests see what they need.

  • David was very open and earnest. His english was excellent being that it is not his first language…. We very much enjoyed our time with him one to two on the extension

    GS, Madagascar
  • Forrest Rowland was a wonderful guide. He is extremely knowledgeable about birds and always takes the time to consider the wants, needs and priorities of the group. He works with his group to form a common goal. He was extremely professional and he had a remarkably positive attitude. His enthusiasm was infectious and admirable, as was his perseverance in finding us any species that we wanted and which was possible to see. Forrest is personable, humorous, and extremely generous and kind-hearted. I am so grateful to have met him.

    AG, Alaska
  • David, I need to thank you again for the birding experience in Uganda. The mammals were spectacular, not to be missed, but it was really the birding that blew my mind. It is with a mixture of gratitude, wonder and definitely humbleness having been shown these birds by someone so ‘awesome’ that I say thank you again. It was so much fun for me.  I was elated and still am when I think Uganda. As they say, it was priceless.

    MN, Uganda
  • David was an excellent leader with exceptional birding skills. He was very attentive and helpful in handling both the birding and the logistics. In addition to his birding and guiding skills, David is also very personable and easy to talk to. I would definitely go on another trip with him as a guide.

    BB, Birds & Tigers I