Colombia - Bogotá Birding, Culture & Cuisine
Best Season: Any season
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,200 to USD3,800
Ecuador - Amazon Adventure on the Napo
Best Season:
Conservation Group: Napo Wildlife Center
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,600
Panama - Canal Zone Birds & Wildlife
Best Season: Good year-round
Tour Type: Birds & More and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,275 to USD4,200

Some destinations are not only great for birding but also incredible for animals or for exploring unique cultural elements. Are you traveling with others who enjoy a mix of birding along with other aspects of travel? These trips are right up your alley.

What our clients say about our tours

  • Having been a guide myself in Australia from time to time, I genuinely appreciated the time and effort Greg dedicated to preparing for each day of the tour; where possible, there was an alternative site or activity if ever bird sightings or weather did not go exactly to plan. Greg acted with great professionalism throughout the tour and looked after himself well so he could look after us while on the road and in the bush… For me, the bottom line is: Greg is an excellent birder and a bloody good guide, and, an absolute gem of a bloke. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my time on the tour.

    MM, Eastern South Africa X 2016
  • Our guide, Greg de Klerk, was absolutely fabulous. Not only great birding skills and knowledge throughout our tour, but his enthusiasm and amazing knowledge of Kruger and all its wildlife made for an unforgettable experience (it was my first trip to Africa). He was especially good at helping everyone in our party see each bird or animal which I greatly appreciated. Greg handled all aspects of the tour flawlessly. I would definitely recommend Greg highly for whatever tour he is leading.

    PF, Best of South Africa: Cape & Kruger I 2016
  • Glen, as usual, was the best. This is our third trip with him and would not hesitate to do many more.

    DB & PB, Japan
  • David Hoddinott was an excellent leader. It was obvious he had devoted a lot of preparation time studying the birds and learning their vocalizations. I was very impressed with his knowledge. I’d love to go on another tour with him some day.

    JM, South West Pacific Islands 2015
  • Glen was very organised and knowledgeable. He gave clear directions as to what we would be doing the following day. He has a very calm and friendly manner. He has extremely good hearing and the ability to both hear the birds and point them out. He was very helpful to assist me when I did not see where the bird was. I would certainly like to travel with him again.

    JS, NBZ 2015
  • Mark’s depth and breadth of knowledge of European birds is amazing, but I was also impressed with his ability to adapt to changing local conditions. One particular incident, where a rarity showed up which required quickly redirecting the group, was handled directly and skillfully. Plus, as a Yank, I enjoyed his English humour.

    TT, Morocco
  • During Oct 19 to Nov. 6, 2010 I participated in the Eastern South Africa and Western Cape Extension tour. It is the ultimate tour if you are birding for the first time in the African continent. The diversity of birds is over-whelming and unlike birding in the tropical Americas, the birds are easy to see! I personally added 419 lifers! The pace of the tour was ideal.  Accommodations were top-notch and the meals wonderful. Keith Valentine is an unsurpassed tour leader.  Extremely knowledgeable yet very laid back, approachable and quick to laugh. I have been on many organized bird tours but none come close to the standards set by Rockjumper on this tour. The bar has been raised!

    TB, Eastern South Africa 2010
  • Morocco was a fun and thoroughly enjoyable tour. How could it not be with David Hoddinott and Mark Beevers as leaders!!! They just make me want to go on more Rockjumper tours to see as many birds as I can. You have no idea how appreciative I am of them. They are great and generous and fun and so focused. I love that. They have an intensity that makes birding fun.

    MN, Morocco
  • We loved Glen Valentine!  Very skilled, and not defensive if we questioned an ID.  Liked that he continued to call out even the common birds throughout the tour, which meant we got a chance to really study each species.   Good sense of humor, and fun to bird with!

    Pvt Castleman India
  • RBT has landed a rising young star in the bird guide business; his temperament is a hidden asset…yes, he knows the birds well, but the manner in which he carries out his day-to-day duties and responsibilities as leader in a foreign land instills confidence, calm and discipline, without losing focus or patience. We enjoyed traveling with him and will look to his future trips for our travel.

    CH, Northern India II 2014
  • David was very open and earnest. His english was excellent being that it is not his first language…. We very much enjoyed our time with him one to two on the extension

    GS, Madagascar
  • Erik was a delight to be with, as his sense of humour was a constant. Having him at the helm added an unexpected and pleasurable dimension to the whole trip. The entire trip was terrific: beautiful scenery, nice people, good beer and food, and comfy accommodations.

    DE & NE, New Zealand
  • A massive thanks has to go to André, the ranger, he was exceptional. His knowledge of wildlife was incredible. We were able to learn so much about the animals, plants and he is the ‘bird’ guru!! We cant thank him enough for his time, going out of his way to show us everything possible, we saw everything.

  • A first rate, very satisfying…tour that met all expectations. We missed two species we were especially interested in but our guide made an extra effort to find them and we were very pleased with him. A first rate birder. He is a great addition to the Rockjumer Team.

    IT, Private South Africa
  • Adam, “You are simply the best” and really showed me how one should bird and how to go about it. Our early morning walks in the forest gave me the impression that I was in the worlds finest concert hall with the greatest musicians rendering their best songs. I was humbled by this experience and will never forget it…

    JM, Mozambique 2015
  • Dušan is an excellent field ornithologist with an encyclopaedic knowledge of bird song, taxonomy, and field identification marks. Ornithology is Dušan’s passion. He is also excellent with the clients – friendly, courteous, patient, and anxious that everyone sees all the birds and enjoys the tour. It was a great tour!

    JR, Ecuador
  • Dušan was an extraordinary guide. His birding skills, humanity, and concern for all of us was beyond reproach.

    NL & CL, Cuba
  • Adam is an extremely hard working, energetic and enthusiastic person who is able to remain calm and collected under extreme pressure and is always willing to help and assist anyone in need. His ability to find elusive birds for clients is legendary and almost miraculous. He is not feint-hearted and never daunted by challenging circumstances.

  • With Adam Walleyn as our guide, it was hard to imagine how the trip could have been any better. Madagascar is certainly a challenging place, but his experience and ability to help us know what to expect were invaluable. As far as seeing birds, my expectations were exceeded. A great trip.

    RV, Madagascar