Colombia - Bogotá Birding, Culture & Cuisine
Best Season: Any season
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,200 to USD3,800
Ecuador - Amazon Adventure on the Napo
Best Season:
Conservation Group: Napo Wildlife Center
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,600
Panama - Canal Zone Birds & Wildlife
Best Season: Good year-round
Tour Type: Birds & More and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,275 to USD4,200

Some destinations are not only great for birding but also incredible for animals or for exploring unique cultural elements. Are you traveling with others who enjoy a mix of birding along with other aspects of travel? These trips are right up your alley.

What our clients say about our tours

  • My thanks to Keith and Glen Valentine for taking so much time in getting me on the birds. They are so patient and really nice.

    MM, Remote Indonesian Islands Cruise 2017
  • The trip sounded good in the write-up but far exceeded our expectations.  The pelagic trips were outstanding.  The number of participants was perfect.  Erik knew the birds and their calls/sounds and was very effective in getting everyone to see the birds.  He called many pelagic IDs well before other people had even spotted the birds.  Erik’s skills in managing the participants showed and his sense of humour added to his effectiveness.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

    DM & SM, New Zealand
  • Adam is very energetic and helpful.  He is an excellent birder and having spent 6 months living in PNG, he also had a good knowledge of other wildlife, as well as the culture.  I really enjoyed his company.

    SL, PNG II 2015
  • Adam, “You are simply the best” and really showed me how one should bird and how to go about it. Our early morning walks in the forest gave me the impression that I was in the worlds finest concert hall with the greatest musicians rendering their best songs. I was humbled by this experience and will never forget it…

    JM, Mozambique 2015
  • All around great fun trip, with logistics and plans for upcoming activities presented clearly and in time for proper preparation. Clayton was very prepared and we enjoyed traveling with him very much.

    FB, Guatemala
  • Greg de Klerk was one of the best guides I have – EVER. Excellent with bird ID, calls and habitat. And probably just as important in a group setting, VERY good with people, fun, friendly and left no one out. I have heard good things about Rockjumper Tours for years and now I see why. Keep up the good work.

    JS, Best of South Africa: Cape & Kruger I 2016
  • This was my first tour with Rockjumper and hopefully will not be my last. The service provided was excellent and Gareth Robbins was an excellent guide. I would have no hesitation in travelling with him again.

    HL, South Africa 2015
  • Our guide, Gareth Robbins was excellent. His knowledge of the area covered was exceptional, sometimes down to the rock the bird might land on. His repertoire of the bird calls and songs was impressive. He was adamant about getting each of us on the bird, and his delight when we saw it was transparent.

    AE, Eastern South Africa VIII 2015
  • Forrest Rowland was the consummate birding tour guide. He was very personable and friendly and a top-notch birder with excellent skills for getting us on the birds. He kept us informed about all logistical details. We will seek him out for another Rockjumper tour.

    CR & SR, Cuba
  • The [Eastern South Africa] trip has become even more exciting and memorable in retrospect, and we can’t thank you enough. It was planned particularly well, giving us a great idea of the varied terrain and landscape across eastern South Africa, and it would be hard to choose the best of the places we stayed in – they were all so good and yet so varied. The birds were tremendous, and the animals scarcely behind; I don’t think we shall ever forget the elephants in the mudbath. Nor shall we forget the Sani Pass and the rockjumpers, not to mention the hail! It really was a magnificent trip, and we enjoyed it enormously.

    EE & RE, South Africa
  • I was really pleasantly surprised about every aspect of the Oman & UAE tour. Forrest Rowland did an outstanding job in every way and he has a great sense of humour. This tour exceeded my expectations. The pace was just right, accommodations and meals were of high quality, and Forrest did a great job of organizing details and making sure everything ran smoothly. He found the species that were sought and had expert knowledge of where the birds were likely to be found and when was the best time to try for them. – JM

    JM, UAE Oman & Jordan
  • The B&BG Tour was the trip of a lifetime for me. Rockjumper did everything just right. The birds and animals, the accommodations, and especially Wayne were all top notch. Although Wayne is relatively new to Rockjumper, he is definitely a keeper – personable, a keen observer, and a natural leader. He really made the tour more than “just another birding trip”. This is certainly a tour that I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone, although I am seriously considering South Africa next.

    Alison was wonderfully helpful, especially for finding a U.S. travel agent who booked affordable and reliable airline tickets for me.

  • Clayton was friendly, informative and fun…. Very athletic and cheerful. Find him to be a wonderful guide.

    PWN, India 2013
  • Markus was great, I’ve been looking forward to travelling with him. His birding skills and management of the group were both excellent.

    CM, Ghana 2015
  • This tour (Morocco) more than met my expectations, which I must admit were rather lukewarm. I knew there were not a lot of new birds for me but I signed up for the tour because Mark kept telling me how wonderful Morocco was. Well Mark, you were certainly right. The birds were fantastic, the scenery spectacular, the food way too good, and the geology unbelievable. I’m actually taking an online geology course because of this tour. This tour is truly a special one and I will spread the word to all my birding contacts. Thanks again for such a special experience.

    SP, Morocco
  • This private tour, organised by Rockjumper, allowed us to visit some fantastic areas in the country. Our main focus was on birds, with Pel’s Fishing Owl and Shoebill high on our “would like to see” lists. We saw both of them really well, along with another 56 lifers. The Shoebill sighting will remain in our memories for many years, as we waded through the marsh to see both adults close to the nest, plus a well-grown youngster! The overall Bird List totalled some 320 species, along with 47 species of mammal. Highlights of the mammal sightings included an hour spent with a hunting Leopard, a couple of Lionesses with five cubs, a Cheetah with six cubs and sightings of four different Serval.

    The pace of the tour was excellent and staying for three nights in a small number of sites gave us the opportunity to really explore the different habitats. The accommodation throughout was fantastic. David Hoddinott was a fantastic leader and was aptly supported by the local guides.


    DC, Zambia 2017
  • Rockjumper and our guide, Forrest, put on an exceptional trip to Jamaica. All endemics spotted, great company, and great lodgings. Highly recommend this trip if anyone is looking for a relaxing week-long birding vacation.

    RD & DH, Jamaica
  • Rich and David are very different personalities and from a client’s perspective, they were a dream team. David is an extraordinarily good birder, with huge amounts of bird knowledge. He is probably the nicest bird guide I have ever met and was always good-humoured. He might be the fastest draw in the West to put a bird in the scope.

    AN, Bhutan
  • Markus’s ability to find, ID, and scope birds for us (apparently simultaneously, sometimes along with photographing it) was absolutely amazing, and we ended up with some very remarkable sightings of what I gather are generally quite difficult birds. His knowledge of the birds of the region and their natural history is comprehensive, and his enthusiasm added immeasurably to our enjoyment of the trip. He was always on alert, calling out birds as we drove or walked, somehow kept track of what everyone had or had not seen well so far, and was very patient about repeating ID tips. He did a great job of keeping us informed of the daily plans – both logistics and, birdwise, the rationale for choices of where we would stop and what our current targets were. Though we were a small group, we did represent a range on the spectrum of watchers and listers, and Markus did a fine job of catering to different interests. Markus seemed to have an endless store of energy, and along with his guiding and organizing skills, he was a fun travel companion. He even provided us with copies of some of his fantastic photos from the trip at the end, so after each long day of guiding, he must also have been spending his evening time working on his photos.

    KH, Budget Bhutan 2015