Colombia - Bogotá Birding, Culture & Cuisine
Best Season: Any season
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,200 to USD3,800
Ecuador - Amazon Adventure on the Napo
Best Season:
Conservation Group: Napo Wildlife Center
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,600
Panama - Canal Zone Birds & Wildlife
Best Season: Good year-round
Tour Type: Birds & More and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,275 to USD4,200

Some destinations are not only great for birding but also incredible for animals or for exploring unique cultural elements. Are you traveling with others who enjoy a mix of birding along with other aspects of travel? These trips are right up your alley.

What our clients say about our tours

  • Greg de Klerk was one of the best guides I have – EVER. Excellent with bird ID, calls and habitat. And probably just as important in a group setting, VERY good with people, fun, friendly and left no one out. I have heard good things about Rockjumper Tours for years and now I see why. Keep up the good work.

    JS, Best of South Africa: Cape & Kruger I 2016
  • The [Eastern South Africa] trip has become even more exciting and memorable in retrospect, and we can’t thank you enough. It was planned particularly well, giving us a great idea of the varied terrain and landscape across eastern South Africa, and it would be hard to choose the best of the places we stayed in – they were all so good and yet so varied. The birds were tremendous, and the animals scarcely behind; I don’t think we shall ever forget the elephants in the mudbath. Nor shall we forget the Sani Pass and the rockjumpers, not to mention the hail! It really was a magnificent trip, and we enjoyed it enormously.

    EE & RE, South Africa
  • We had a great time birding with you. Thanks for working so hard making sure we saw all the target endemic and near-endemic birds. We very much enjoyed being around you because you have an upbeat and positive demeanour. Thanks for pointing out so many wintering warblers that we, on the west coast of US, do not get to see. Will always remember the Tody and the “G” Hawk.

    DS, Cuba
  • During Oct 19 to Nov. 6, 2010 I participated in the Eastern South Africa and Western Cape Extension tour. It is the ultimate tour if you are birding for the first time in the African continent. The diversity of birds is over-whelming and unlike birding in the tropical Americas, the birds are easy to see! I personally added 419 lifers! The pace of the tour was ideal.  Accommodations were top-notch and the meals wonderful. Keith Valentine is an unsurpassed tour leader.  Extremely knowledgeable yet very laid back, approachable and quick to laugh. I have been on many organized bird tours but none come close to the standards set by Rockjumper on this tour. The bar has been raised!

    TB, Eastern South Africa 2010
  • Dusan was excellent, I plan to travel with him again in Ecuador.

    KL, Dominican Republic
  • Our Rockjumper birding  journey through Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda was an amazing experience, made even more fantastic by our young South African guide. Rainer Summer’s sensors are so fine tuned he can seek out and identify every single bird in the forest, desert and wetlands, by sight or sound. It seemed that he had permanent binos on his eyes and ears like satellite dishes! He shares his expertise and knowledge in a professional manner making sure that everyone saw each bird, providing information for all birders serious or beginners…. Our sincere thanks go to Rainer.

    AS & HS, Tanzania & Kenya
  • I reserve “excellent” for outstanding services only, but I am very  happy to give it to Markus because his enthusiasm and knowledge of ALL wildlife, along with a sense of humour, gave us one of the best wildlife tours we have ever had.

    JP, Kenya and Tanzania II 2016
  • Our recently concluded tour of Tanzania/Kenya, led by Rainer, was perhaps the best overall tour I’ve ever been on. The birding was good, the mammals great, as were the accommodations and food. Everything about the tour was outstanding, including Rainer’s leadership. It was the second time I’ve been on tour with Rainer (Madagascar, 2008) and hope to do so again…. Cheers

    D, Kenya & Tanzania
  • Wayne has great people skills and is a lot of fun to bird with. His research and aid to identifying the birds is outstanding.

    SC, Madagascar
  • Wayne Jones is an exceptional birding guide with his ability to hear, identify, spot and describe the field marks of so many elusive birds.

    MW, Ghana
  • Jeremy was fabulous – great general natural history knowledge and laid-back attitude.

    EG, South Africa
  • Erik Forsyth is not only extremely knowledgeable but also accommodating and fun.

    KB, New Zealand 2017
  • David was notable in his high level of enthusiasm, how careful he is with identifications and how quick he is at spotting things. Our group was quite mixed in age and skills, and David was patient with members whose eyesight was not so good, and quick to get a spotting scope onto even difficult forest birds. I’d happily travel elsewhere with him and is every bit of what I could hope for in a guide. The overall group felt well run and there was always a plan B if one was needed. David’s knowledge and sense of humor also made him fun to travel with.

    MH, Lesser Sundas
  • David was the most skilled birding tour leader that I’ve ever encountered in getting his telescope on a bird in record time. As a result, we saw beautiful images of many species that would have been difficult to observe with bins only. David is also very congenial and easy to talk with. His enthusiasm is contagious and he was generous in sharing his considerable knowledge.

    ND, Ghana Highlights
  • This tour (Morocco) more than met my expectations, which I must admit were rather lukewarm. I knew there were not a lot of new birds for me but I signed up for the tour because Mark kept telling me how wonderful Morocco was. Well Mark, you were certainly right. The birds were fantastic, the scenery spectacular, the food way too good, and the geology unbelievable. I’m actually taking an online geology course because of this tour. This tour is truly a special one and I will spread the word to all my birding contacts. Thanks again for such a special experience.

    SP, Morocco
  • Adam Walleyn acted as a very experienced and skilful leader. He had an intimate knowledge of the birds and great skills in finding and showing them. His communication was extremely clear, to the point and flavoured with a good sense of humour. In the few difficult situations that arose due to flights, civil unrest, etc, he showed extremely good skills in handling these with a perfect balance between group decisions and executive decisions. A role model for a tour leader.

    BA, Papua New Guinea
  • Rob Williams was a brilliant guide in all respects. Throughout the three weeks, he gave the group his all. He is outstanding, and we would love to travel with him again.

    TE, Northern Peru 2015
  • On a recent birding trip from Cape Town to Windhoek we appreciated Cuan’s range of talents. His keen eyes, knowledge of bird vocalizations and great enthusiasm for finding birds combine very nicely with his logistical expertise and delightful sense of humour. I was very pleased with the trip — well done, Cuan!

    HSA, South Africa
  • David Ertrius is above all patient, with the birds, with the participants and the local guides. He very modestly shares his incredible knowledge of the birds.

    LG, Sulawessi & Halmehera