Colombia - Bogotá Birding, Culture & Cuisine
Best Season: Any season
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,200 to USD3,800
Ecuador - Amazon Adventure on the Napo
Best Season:
Conservation Group: Napo Wildlife Center
Tour Type: Birds & More

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,600
Panama - Canal Zone Birds & Wildlife
Best Season: Good year-round
Tour Type: Birds & More and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,275 to USD4,200

Some destinations are not only great for birding but also incredible for animals or for exploring unique cultural elements. Are you traveling with others who enjoy a mix of birding along with other aspects of travel? These trips are right up your alley.

What our clients say about our tours

  • Glen Valentine is an asset to any birding group with his excellent knowledge of birds and his friendly outgoing personality. He is helpful to both experienced and inexperienced birders alike. I would not hesitate to join another birding tour where he was leader or co-leader as I know from experience that it would be a thoroughly enjoyable and informative tour.

    RD, Ehtiopia
  • We loved Glen Valentine!  Very skilled, and not defensive if we questioned an ID.  Liked that he continued to call out even the common birds throughout the tour, which meant we got a chance to really study each species.   Good sense of humor, and fun to bird with!

    Pvt Castleman India
  • Our guide, Greg de Klerk, was absolutely fabulous. Not only great birding skills and knowledge throughout our tour, but his enthusiasm and amazing knowledge of Kruger and all its wildlife made for an unforgettable experience (it was my first trip to Africa). He was especially good at helping everyone in our party see each bird or animal which I greatly appreciated. Greg handled all aspects of the tour flawlessly. I would definitely recommend Greg highly for whatever tour he is leading.

    PF, Best of South Africa: Cape & Kruger I 2016
  • Gareth was an excellent guide. He was always on hand to give help and advice when needed and didn’t favour one guest over another. His enthusiasm could not be faulted and local and birding knowledge faultless.

    SM, South Africa 2016
  • Marius Coetzee is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced safari (field) guides I have met on my more than 30 trips to Africa. His knowledge of the bush and ability to work with his tracker to find animals is unique and appreciated. As an accomplished photographer, Marius knows how to position his vehicle to get the best photograph and has the patience to make sure that his guests see what they need.

  • Forrest Rowland is an outrageously skilled guide (I called him the Eagle-sighted Echolocator). Perfect organisation, perfect local guides, what more could one need? And the birding was better than first class. A perfect 10 on all counts!

    PR, Guyana
  • Forrest Rowland is an outstanding guide! We would definitely travel with him again. Great guy!

    SPL, Cuba
  • Gareth was very considerate of all tour members and kept everything on schedule. He went out of his way to find bird species of particular interest to those on the tour and is a very enthusiastic about birding.

    NK, South Africa Comp V 2015
  • Rainer established what each of the participants expected from the tour [Cape to Wiindhoek, South Africa] and then managed to excel expectations without seeming to try to do this. We saw all our favourite birds and animals and even plants. Yes we even enjoyed the wildflowers too! His birding skills, including recognition of calls, were exceptional. His effortless ability to manage logistics and his energy for making it happen, made this tour easy and stress-free; something I’m exceptionally grateful for. His enthusiasm for new finds (not just birds!) was totally contagious and added to the enjoyment. His broad knowledge met all my needs for information about this new continent – and that made this tour particularly satisfying for me.

    Cape to Windhoek
  • Sonya and I really appreciate all of your hard work….that truly was one of our trips of a lifetime.  And that is saying something since that bar is constantly getting raised by all of our travel.  Rockjumper can definitely count us in as repeat guests and I would count it as good fortune if you were our guide again.

    RC, NBZ IV 2014
  • We felt that the trip was very well organised and efficient so we could spend as much time in the field as possible. Glen was a terrific guide – excellent birder as well as his concern that everyone was seeing the birds. Glen was very even in his manner at all times and with everyone.

    JW & MW, Malaysia & Borneo
  • We enjoyed travelling with Steve Davidson. He is very knowledgeable and more than willing to assist anyone with getting on birds, and he takes time to explain where the bird is.

    JW & MW, Tasmania
  • The more we got to know Chris as the tour progressed, the more fun we had. We found the birds and we did not neglect their enjoyment once we found them, and we also remembered to have fun with each other as well. We laughed a lot! The group chemistry was very good, and I believe Chris Sharpe played a major part in that outcome.

    DH, Cuba
  • I hope to go again with Clayton.

    MO, Sri Lanka 2013
  • Rockjumper’s office staff continue with their excellent high level of client services. Prompt, concise and courteous replies are a trade-mark of the Rockjumper staff.

  • Adam Walleyn went above and beyond to find just about everything there was to see. His knowledge of herps, mammals and birds is very comprehensive.

    RR, Madagascar
  • David was a fantastic guide whose love for his homeland, and passion for its wildlife, shone brightly.  I couldn’t have wished for a better guide to show me the wonders of South Africa.

    MW, South African Mega 2015
  • The tour was great. I got along well with the other participants and I greatly appreciated Greg de Klerk. I quickly realised he knew what he was doing and could relax. He was careful to make sure we all got to see all the birds. I will definitely use Rockjumper again… Can’t go wrong!

    DL, South Africa
  • Clayton was friendly, informative and fun…. Very athletic and cheerful. Find him to be a wonderful guide.

    PWN, India 2013