There are 10 tours available
There are 10 tours available
Belize - Crooked Tree & the Cockscomb Basin
Best Season: November to June
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,900 to USD3,950
Colombia - Megadiverse Santa Martas
Best Season: December to March (dry season)
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures
Can be linked with: Colombia - Explore Perija
Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,700 to USD4,850
Costa Rica - Jungle & Beaches of the Osa Peninsula
Best Season:
Conservation Group: Osa Conservation
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,600
Ecuador - Gold Country Endemics
Best Season: Good year-round
Conservation Group: Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,850
Guatemala - Tikal & the Petén
Best Season: December to April
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,900 to USD4,700
Guatemala - Volcano Birding
Best Season: December to April
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,900 to USD5,500
Japan - Winter: Eagles, Cranes & Gulls Galore
Best Season: Winter
Guide: Amar Ayyash
Tour Type: Birding Adventures
Can be linked with: Japan - Winter: Japanese Alps Extension
Tour Price (Per Person): JPY790,000
Japan - Winter: Japanese Alps Extension
Best Season: Winter
Guide: Amar Ayyash
Tour Type: Birding Adventures
Can be linked with: Japan - Winter: Eagles, Cranes & Gulls Galore
Tour Price (Per Person): JPY402,000
Paraguay - Highlights
Best Season: Oct - Jan
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From EUR4,000 to EUR4,550
Paraguay - The Heart of South America
Best Season: Oct - Jan
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From EUR5,500 to EUR6,200

Fabulous birding adventures to well-known and emerging hotspots, with a focus on specialty species and endemic birds.

What our clients say about our tours

  • I reserve “excellent” for outstanding services only, but I am very  happy to give it to Markus because his enthusiasm and knowledge of ALL wildlife, along with a sense of humour, gave us one of the best wildlife tours we have ever had.

    JP, Kenya and Tanzania II 2016
  • The entire tour was truly excellent. David is an outstanding, world-class bird guide, talented, able-bodied, friendly and courteous. I would definitely travel with him again.

    JF, Southern India 2017
  • In the field, Keith and the local “Zen Birding Master’’ Uthai were an unbeatable combination. Their knowledge, persistence and patience were greatly appreciated. They tried to make sure everyone got the birds and were willing to go to great lengths to do so. Both had a great sense of humour and were a pleasure to travel with.

    PN & PN, Thailand
  • Heinz was incredible. His knowledge and personality were wonderful. What a wonderful young man! We had an incredible time.

    JH, Cape & Kruger II 2015
  • David was very open and earnest. His english was excellent being that it is not his first language…. We very much enjoyed our time with him one to two on the extension

    GS, Madagascar
  • Rob Williams is right up there among the very best tour leaders. His vast experience from lots of research and conservation projects and intimate knowledge of the country add lots of value compared to a tour leader who is “just” a good organiser, birder and guide. He is also great company, with a sublime sense of humour.

    UA, Peru
  • Heard all about the trip from the guys and they all reckoned it to be their best ever to West Africa. All the pax only had praise for you… Thanks a million for the few days we had in the field together and overly impressed by your bird finding and leading skills. Way better than I ever was at your age and you have so much patience and never stop smiling … what is your secret?

    Ian Sinclair, Ghana
  • This tour (Morocco) more than met my expectations, which I must admit were rather lukewarm. I knew there were not a lot of new birds for me but I signed up for the tour because Mark kept telling me how wonderful Morocco was. Well Mark, you were certainly right. The birds were fantastic, the scenery spectacular, the food way too good, and the geology unbelievable. I’m actually taking an online geology course because of this tour. This tour is truly a special one and I will spread the word to all my birding contacts. Thanks again for such a special experience.

    SP, Morocco
  • Greg handled all personalities with poise, humor and attentiveness and constantly checked to see if everyone was happy. If someone had a problem, he immediately worked on a solution. It is obvious he loves his job, and he went out of his way to find birds for us, even in the most difficult weather conditions. His knowledge of the area was superior. He took excellent care of us and made us feel very welcome!

    CB, South Africa 2017
  • Forrest Rowland is an outrageously skilled guide (I called him the Eagle-sighted Echolocator). Perfect organisation, perfect local guides, what more could one need? And the birding was better than first class. A perfect 10 on all counts!

    PR, Guyana
  • Loved Clayton, his bird skills and all-over knowledge of everything.

    Sri Lanka 2013
  • Perhaps the best thing about the experience [Kenya Mega tour] with the guides was their enthusiasm. They have been over the same ground many times, yet were genuinely pleased and excited to see the birds that turned up daily. It was more than just a job for them and I appreciated the freshness that they brought to each day. Of course it didn’t hurt that they occasionally found something totally unexpected. Their enthusiasm was infectious and through their constant encouragement, perhaps I made a little progress towards becoming a better birder.

    Certainly I would be happy to recommend RBT, most especially David & Brian, and whomever was responsible for the smooth running of the trip. The drivers were exceptional, combining the most important facilities:  skill, patience (with us!) and a sense of humour.

    Kenya Mega
  • I wanted to say what a fantastic trip we had! The tour was well organised, we didn’t have to change accommodation every day, the vehicles and drivers were excellent (after one of them was replaced) and we saw a great variety of habitats. Markus and Rich were absolutely wonderful, and very patient with everyone in the group. We were a diverse group in terms of age/energy levels, experience travelling in developing countries, and birding skills and knowledge. Yet Markus and Rich worked hard to get everyone on to as many birds and mammals as possible, and catered for everyone’s needs extremely well. They are both extremely professional, yet also a lot of fun and we had some truly hilarious moments, especially on our night drives. How do you choose between looking at an Aardwolf and an Aardvark when they are both in view at the same time? And who could forget Markus’s dying calf imitation to lure in Spotted Hyenas? I must say the impressive mammal list was quite unexpected. Ethiopia is truly an amazing destination – and certainly rivals birding in Southern Africa.

    I look forward to travelling with Rockjumper in the future and have been singing your praises to birders here in Canberra.

    Ethiopia Endemics – Lashko
  • Wayne Jones was excellent. His knowledge of birds, where to find them, identification – both by sight and sound – was superb. He was very personable with a good sense of humour. I especially appreciate his patience in helping us find some birds which were not particularly in plain view. All-in-all, a very good trip.

    BG, Kenya & Tanzania
  • This was an excellent trip! The combination of multitudes of fabulous birds and mammals, along with the scenery and natural/cultural history aspects of the trip made it the best I have taken, to date. Wayne did a great job. I would definitely travel with him again.

    EM, Kenya & Tanzania
  • From your looking at my list two years ago and your comments on where best to get the birds, I was able to work out which trips would be most productive…. You were always drawing my attention to what were new, or possible splits, and checking what I still needed! And then not only did you make space in your busy programme to fit in our [Tanzania] Mega before my deadline, but putting in all the hours to find those tricky ones and patiently re-trying over and over again when I dipped or didn’t get good views! I am most grateful & know I could not have done it without you!

    IR, Tanzania Mega
  • Marius Coetzee is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced safari (field) guides I have met on my more than 30 trips to Africa. His knowledge of the bush and ability to work with his tracker to find animals is unique and appreciated. As an accomplished photographer, Marius knows how to position his vehicle to get the best photograph and has the patience to make sure that his guests see what they need.

  • Our Madagascar experience surpassed our wildest dreams. We didn’t even realise it was a ‘birding trip’ but David ensured that we saw much much more. The birds were great anyway, especially the pursuit of the magical Helmet Vanga! An unforgettable experience!

    HH, Madagascar
  • Markus gets A+++ marks from me.  Not only is he an excellent birder, but he is also a wonderful traveling companion.  Our conversations were varied and interesting.  He not only knows a lot about nature; he also participated in talks about a wide variety of subjects. We learned a lot about South Africa.  His sense of humor is wonderful.  His enthusiasm kept us all on a anticipatory high.  His leading a tour will be a big plus for me when I am deciding on another trip.

    SC, SA Mega & Kruger