There are 10 tours available
There are 10 tours available
Belize - Crooked Tree & the Cockscomb Basin
Best Season: November to June
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures and Short & Sweet

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,900 to USD3,950
Colombia - Megadiverse Santa Martas
Best Season: December to March (dry season)
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures
Can be linked with: Colombia - Explore Perija
Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,700 to USD4,850
Costa Rica - Jugle & Beaches of the Osa Peninsula
Best Season:
Conservation Group: Osa Conservation
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,600
Ecuador - Gold Country Endemics
Best Season: Good year-round
Conservation Group: Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,200 to USD4,850
Guatemala - Tikal & the Petén
Best Season: December to April
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD2,900 to USD4,700
Guatemala - Volcano Birding
Best Season: December to April
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From USD3,900 to USD5,500
Japan - Winter: Eagles, Cranes & Gulls Galore
Best Season: Winter
Guide: Amar Ayyash
Tour Type: Birding Adventures
Can be linked with: Japan - Winter: Japanese Alps Extension
Tour Price (Per Person): To be announced
Japan - Winter: Japanese Alps Extension
Best Season: Winter
Guide: Amar Ayyash
Tour Type: Birding Adventures
Can be linked with: Japan - Winter: Eagles, Cranes & Gulls Galore
Tour Price (Per Person): To be announced
Paraguay - Highlights
Best Season: Oct - Jan
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From EUR4,000 to EUR4,550
Paraguay - The Heart of South America
Best Season: Oct - Jan
Conservation Group: National Audubon Society
Tour Type: Birding Adventures

Tour Price (Per Person): From EUR5,500 to EUR6,200

Fabulous birding adventures to well-known and emerging hotspots, with a focus on specialty species and endemic birds.

What our clients say about our tours

  • I just wanted to pass on our thanks for a well organised trip. We had a ball in Cuba! Not only were the birds fantastic but the cigars, rum and country were mind-blowing. Our first RJ trip but I am sure that it won’t be our last. Well done to the team for arranging a hassle-free trip in a country where it can be difficult to organise things.

    T, Cuba
  • The faster pace of the tour (South Africa Mega) was just what I wanted, and maximized chances for as many endemics as possible without adding more days.  Markus was on top of things throughout, his timing and logistics were flawless, and his spotting skills are excellent.  His precision served the group well and the group size (6) was ideal.  He also was great with the many mammals, positioning the vehicle for the best viewing and photography, and sharing information about life histories.  I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and just wish I could do it all over again!

    RB, SA Mega
  • Dušan was an extraordinary guide. His birding skills, humanity, and concern for all of us was beyond reproach.

    NL & CL, Cuba
  • Just a quick report that we have returned home safely following a great trip to southern Africa. Everything came off as planned and the experiences were everything that we had hoped for. We really enjoyed the bush camps since they provide a remote experience with lots of animals and few other tourists. The selection of camps provided an excellent balance of habitats and wildlife viewing. Additionally, we would like to thank Athol for his excellent leadership during the Eastern South Africa tour. He is a true gentleman and excellent guide and birder…. All around we were very pleased with the trip. And, thank you and the other staff at Rockjumper for helping to put the trip together.

    South Africa
  • David Erterius has an amazing memory for birds and bird calls. Our group had a variety of skills and interests, and he did a good job of balancing photographer’s and birder’s needs. As a birder with limited spotting skills, I especially appreciated his ability to get many of the birds in the scope and to give me special help when I was having trouble seeing the bird.

    BH, Northern India
  • Dušan is an excellent field ornithologist with an encyclopaedic knowledge of bird song, taxonomy, and field identification marks. Ornithology is Dušan’s passion. He is also excellent with the clients – friendly, courteous, patient, and anxious that everyone sees all the birds and enjoys the tour. It was a great tour!

    JR, Ecuador
  • I would like to add my thanks to you, Crystal, and all the other people associated with Rockjumper for making this the best birding tour in which I have participated.  David’s leadership was superb as our trip bird count shows.  I would be happy to go with Rockjumper on future trips.  Thanks again for your assistance during the Mega South Africa trip.

    G, South Africa Mega
  • I hope to go again with Clayton.

    MO, Sri Lanka 2013
  • Mark’s depth and breadth of knowledge of European birds is amazing, but I was also impressed with his ability to adapt to changing local conditions. One particular incident, where a rarity showed up which required quickly redirecting the group, was handled directly and skillfully. Plus, as a Yank, I enjoyed his English humour.

    TT, Morocco
  • Glen was great! His steady, unflappable leadership was the best and he got us on some terrific birds, never stopped trying, always looking. At the same time, he handled logistics very well and always with good humour. His enthusiasm for all things in nature and thoughtful attentiveness to the group made this a special trip.

    RB, Gabon
  • Our questions were always answered with clarity and accuracy. There were no surprises as a result… This trip was a wonderful and unique experience for me. I actually felt renewed and revitalized when it was over. Thanks to everyone for an experience of a lifetime!

  • Dušan is an exceptional guide in all respects. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, is courteous and diplomatic with the clients, and excellent with the local people. I could not ask for anything more. Thank you very much for providing this tour. For me, it was a success in every way. I will definitely recommend Rockjumper to anyone interested in birding in the future. You guys do a great job.

    BS, Guatemala 2017
  • Since our trip left right after Easter, and the office was supposed to be closed, I REALLY appreciated Lorna responding to my questions in such a timely fashion. She was right there with answers. Accommodations were very very nice, esp Whale View Manor (within walking distance of penguins). The food was fabulous. Greg de Klerk is the best guide I’ve ever travelled with. He is very knowledgeable, kind, and has a great sense of humour. He did his best to make sure everyone saw as many birds as possible, and that we knew what we were seeing. He continually checked in with us, to make sure everyone was having a good time. He made a good trip into a great trip.

    KB, Best of South Africa: Cape & Kruger I 2016
  • The B&BG Tour was the trip of a lifetime for me. Rockjumper did everything just right. The birds and animals, the accommodations, and especially Wayne were all top notch. Although Wayne is relatively new to Rockjumper, he is definitely a keeper – personable, a keen observer, and a natural leader. He really made the tour more than “just another birding trip”. This is certainly a tour that I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone, although I am seriously considering South Africa next.

    Alison was wonderfully helpful, especially for finding a U.S. travel agent who booked affordable and reliable airline tickets for me.

  • David Ertrius is above all patient, with the birds, with the participants and the local guides. He very modestly shares his incredible knowledge of the birds.

    LG, Sulawessi & Halmehera
  • Gareth was an excellent guide. He was always on hand to give help and advice when needed and didn’t favour one guest over another. His enthusiasm could not be faulted and local and birding knowledge faultless.

    SM, South Africa 2016
  • David Hoddinott and indeed the drivers and Alison were all amazing – making this a life-changing experience. Everything went far better than expected throughout the tour in my opinion. I do not see how it could have been improved. Well done to all!

    Anon, Tanzania – Mega
  • This private tour, organised by Rockjumper, allowed us to visit some fantastic areas in the country. Our main focus was on birds, with Pel’s Fishing Owl and Shoebill high on our “would like to see” lists. We saw both of them really well, along with another 56 lifers. The Shoebill sighting will remain in our memories for many years, as we waded through the marsh to see both adults close to the nest, plus a well-grown youngster! The overall Bird List totalled some 320 species, along with 47 species of mammal. Highlights of the mammal sightings included an hour spent with a hunting Leopard, a couple of Lionesses with five cubs, a Cheetah with six cubs and sightings of four different Serval.

    The pace of the tour was excellent and staying for three nights in a small number of sites gave us the opportunity to really explore the different habitats. The accommodation throughout was fantastic. David Hoddinott was a fantastic leader and was aptly supported by the local guides.


    DC, Zambia 2017
  • On a recent birding trip from Cape Town to Windhoek we appreciated Cuan’s range of talents. His keen eyes, knowledge of bird vocalizations and great enthusiasm for finding birds combine very nicely with his logistical expertise and delightful sense of humour. I was very pleased with the trip — well done, Cuan!

    HSA, South Africa